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Leaving a Legacy

Do you ever think about the legacy you’ll leave behind? Have you thought about the impact you have on those closest to you? Proverbs 13 says that  “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children”. When I consider what that means, leaving an inheritance to my grandchildren, I realize that my inheritance is more than just money in the bank. There are so many gifts, talents and characteristics that I want to instill in my children. I’m going to share

Are you eating away your retirement?

Picking up a cup of coffee on your way to work? Going out to eat this weekend? Before you drop $5 on that venti caramel frappuccino or $30 on a night out, make sure you’re not eating away your retirement. A few weeks ago, Emily and I went through our June budget and noticed that we had spent over $750 dollars that month on food. $750 dollars! After going through our budget we realized the culprit was eating food outside the home

Financial Independence Goals

For most people, like me, financial independence (FI) is a journey that will make you question everything you’ve ever been taught about “how the world works”. FI will make you want to swim like a salmon going upstream. I’m not talking about living in a cardboard box or only showering the first Saturday of the month, I’m talking about challenging what the world tells you is normal. Challenge your way of life, the things that make you happy, the way you

How my wife ruined my (working) life!

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, here’s my number, let’s get married. This is really where my journey starts. I met my beautiful wife in July 2014 and instantly knew she was the one for me!. I was working overseas at that time so our engagement was VERY long distance. After proposing to her a week after we met, we decided to get married in December 2014. (“well that escalated quickly!”….yes I know….I finally met someone I