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Our 7 Night Stay At Hyatt Zilara Cancun All Inclusive Resort – FREE (part 1)

Well, here we are just days away from boarding our plane to Cancun. I never thought we’d be able to experience a 7 night stay in Cancun at Hyatt Zilara’s all inclusive resort: including food, lodging, entertainment and airfare – ALL FOR FREE! But, alas, here we are! As I think about the process of getting to this point, it really was quite simple. So simple, in fact, that I’m going to show you exactly how you can enjoy a wonderful, and

Leaving a Legacy

Do you ever think about the legacy you’ll leave behind? Have you thought about the impact you have on those closest to you? Proverbs 13 says that  “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children”. When I consider what that means, leaving an inheritance to my grandchildren, I realize that my inheritance is more than just money in the bank. There are so many gifts, talents and characteristics that I want to instill in my children. I’m going to share

Your relationship with money

If you had one million dollars, would you consider giving 10% to a charitable organization? Do you give now? How would your life change? The reality behind these questions reveals a shocking truth: Money doesn’t change you, it just makes you more of what you already are. If you do not learn how to master money, when you make more money it will leave as fast as it came. Instead, master money, and develop a healthy relationship with your wealth.   Money is

How we Fixer Upper’ed our house on a budget (part 2)

I hope you enjoyed seeing the renovation pictures in my previous post! Now I’m going to share with you my top 5 tips for renovating on a budget. Each tip is crucial to pulling off an awesome fixer upper and renovating your house on a budget. Whether you’re flipping a house or creating your dream house, you’ll learn some great ways to save BIG on your next renovation. Tip 1: Find a reliable contractor Notice that I didn’t say “best” or

How we Fixer Upper’ed our house on a budget (part 1)

Have you ever wanted to renovate your house on a budget? Earlier this year Emily and I bought a house near Waco, TX and renovated every square foot of it! From replacing the flooring to tearing out some walls, we did so much we could have filmed a show for Fixer Upper (also in Waco, TX)! According to, the average cost of a house (multiple room) remodel is about $35,000. I’m going to walk you through how we renovated OUR ENTIRE

Buy the ugliest duckling in the nicest pond

Since the beginning of time, people have always been able to negotiate and buy things on sale. Even Jacob bought Esau’s birthright on the cheap, for a simple bowl of beans! Jacob made a killing on his investment!! Whether you’re looking for an investment opportunity or the next place to call home, real estate can be a profitable investment. With interest rates so low in 2016, many people are looking to buy a house or buy more rental property. How and

Geo-arbitrage: 5 steps to 6 figures

You may be wondering, “what’s geo-arbitrage”? Geo-arbitrage is a simple concept discussed by Tim Ferris, author of the 4 Hour Work Week. Basically, you leverage differences between geographical markets to generate a return. That could be anything like moving to another county to increase your pay, or moving to another country to decrease your cost of living. A simple example could be taking a 6 month vacation in Mexico, where the cost of living is significantly cheaper. But, in my case, I

How to save BIG on your next vacation

What do you enjoy most about travelling? For some people, the pleasure of travelling is simply being in a specific location, like the beach or the mountains. For others, the pleasure of travelling is about enjoying the culture, like the people and food. No matter why you enjoy travelling, there can be high costs associated with your travel destination. But you don’t have to go into debt to go on that fancy vacation. Do not let the high cost of travel stop your vacation plans. I’m

My experience living in a tiny “home” office

When I graduated from college I was completely broke. I traveled from Seattle to Boston to start my first job as an engineer. I had about $100 dollars in my pocket when I landed in Boston, and spent $20 on the taxi from the airport to my hotel. The hotel was $50 a night and I realized the next morning I was quickly running out of cash. As I closed my hotel room door to go to orientation, I realized I would be

Freedom Fund: What’s your number?

So, you want to retire early? How will you know when you can? Retirement isn’t an age, it’s a financial number! What’s your number? Even if you’re not looking to retire “early”, these are good questions that I’m going to answer for you today. There are some “mysteries” around early retirement and financial freedom. I’m going to break them down and help you realize that being financially free is as simple as making a plan and sticking to it. Financial

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